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Defrag Your Bible Reading

Reading the Bible Story
Now you can “Read Thru the Bible” in four (4) reading plans of eight weeks, five days a week beginning with Genesis and concluding with Revelation with a chronological journey.

Most Bible reading plans fragment the reading of the biblical text by suggesting that you read two chapters from one book and one chapter from another book on a daily basis. That just doesn’t make any sense. Nobody reads books that way, except for the Bible.

We can correct this errant way of reading the books of the Bible by reading them with their own internal structures.

How to Defrag

Read the text of Scripture in a new way using The Books of The Bible™ text which is a new edition of the New International Version (2011) where there are no chapter or verse markings. Shocking, huh? You can preview a PDF of what we mean “Without Additives” by downloading a sample copy of Genesis. This presentation of the New International Version (2011) has completely stripped out all the additives, i.e., the chapters, verses, and notes, so you can have a clear read of just the text from Geneses to Revelation. This version makes it easier and more enjoyable to read by doing the following

  • Chapter and verse numbers are removed from the text.
  • Each book’s natural literary breaks are shown instead.
  • There are no notes, cross-references, or section headings in the text.
  • The text is presented in one column rather than two.
  • Books that have historically been divided into parts are restored to one book.
  • Books are presented in an order that gives readers more help in understanding them.

Good News!

  • Read 15-20 pages a day in The Books of the BibleTM (that’s about
    a half hour of reading) for only 5 days a week.
  • Read by yourself or start a small group of 8-12 people in your home, office,  or at Starbucks.and discuss the text you have read during the week.
  • Just create a way that meets your busy schedule.

How You Can Accomplish Defraging

Here’s how we will help you accomplish this:

  • We will provide you with a FaceBook page that you can join and a Facebook group that you can share your thoughts and findings as you read.
  • You don’t have to read the Bible by yourself anymore unless you want to.
  • We can help you become impregnated with the Story by providing some pointers from time to time on Facebook.

What To Do First

  • Check out some of the short articles listed in the right-hand column that will provide you with some basic information about the Bible. You might start with “Promise Box Syndrome.” My hope is that this kind of reading will become a habit and will be encouraging to you and in the final analysis that you will find your part to play in God’s EPIC Adventure.

What To Do Second!

Below there are some recommended books below that can help you improve your Bible reading experience.

The Books of the Bible

The Books of the Bible: Covenant History
The Books of the Bible: The Writings
The Books of the Bible: The Prophets
The Books of the Bible: New Testament

You can read a portion by clicking on the book below to get a feel for how reading without additives can improve your reading skill of the Bible.

The Books of the Bible: Covenant History
The Books of the Bible: The Writings
The Books of the Bible: The Prophets
The Books of the Bible: New Testament: Not yet published.

How Much Does This Reading Plan Cost?

There’s NO COST to join this community of Bible readers.

What To Do Third!

Download RtBS Reading Bookmarks

We have created 5 Bookmark Reading Guides to assist you in your daily readings of The Books of the Bible™. You can download them here.

What To Do Fourth!

Start reading by yourself, find a reading partner, or a small community to read with. You can join the Facebook Reading the Bible group and start a discussion or enter into a discussion.

Get started by going here and joining.


What Others Are Saying about The Books of The Bible™

Brian McLaren, author and pastor has said of this new presentation:

Wow. This looks so smart. This is the wisest new idea I’ve seen in Bible publishing that I can remember. As an old English major, it makes so much sense. Just having the reflections on chapters and verses in the Preface is worthwhile! I’ve been a bit of a fanatic about being versus verses for exactly the reasons you address. The perspective on book order and genre make sense. This is a truly significant undertaking.

Scot McKnight of Jesus Creed fame and a professor at North Park University has said:

The Bible is meant to be read both aloud and privately. There is no Bible more suited to reading the Bible-from the beginning of the book to the end-than The Books of the Bible™. This new approach is actually the original approach, and I love it.

Finally, Gordon Fee, an eminent New Testament Specialist, has said:

At last, a publisher has brought us back to the reality of the first fifteen hundred years of the church: a Bible without numbers. Although the numbers are a great convenience for finding things, they, in fact, get in the way of good Bible reading. So in the language, Augustine heard many centuries ago, “Take up and read; take up and read!” with a heavy emphasis on the read.

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