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Readings 75-81 from The Books of the Bible (TBoTB)

We begin the New Testament readings in Luke-Acts. While not the first of the New Testament books to be written, Luke-Acts takes us through the essential story of the New Testament. In Luke the Story of Jesus and in Acts the Story of the Church’s beginnings (God’s EPIC Adventure).


  • Reading 75: 1419-1429
  • Reading 76: 1429-1441
  • Reading 77: 1441-1451
  • Reading 78: 1451-1466
  • Reading 79: 1466-1479
  • Reading 80: 1479-1493
  • Reading 81: 1493-1501 (continues with Galatians)


  • Reading 81: 1551-1556

Thought To Contemplate. Luke-Acts
The Gospel is for everyone regardless of race, color, or religious background. It appears to be the attitude of Acts to observe what the Spirit is doing and where the Spirit is going and to follow.

Thought To Contemplate. Galatians
If you are challenged by a rigid church system, reading Galatians several times may allow the work of the Holy Spirit to soften your outlook on who is welcome at the table of Jesus.

Reading Guide

You can read using the following guide and take your readings a bit slower. To read at a 100 day pace, read the page numbers in the 100 Day column. To read at a 200 day pace, read the page numbers in the 200 Day column. To read at a 300 day pace, read the page numbers in the 300 Day column. You create the days of the week you want to read.

The days are color highlighted. As an example, if you are reading at the 100 Day level the first reading in Genesis would be pages 5-22 to read in one day. You read the same amount of text in the 200 Day reading, but your read it on two different days. The 300 Day reading offers pages to read in three days. Of course, the days you choose to read are up to you.

On average, the 100 day column is about forty-five minutes to an hour. The 200 Day column is about thirty minutes. The 300 day column is about fifteen-twenty minutes. Remember, some folks read faster and some folks read slower and the times above are built on an average of about 250-300 words a minute. Of course, this is pure reading time, not reading and stop-to-think time or meditating time, not reading and discussion time, and not reading and sharing in the Comments section below. It is just reading time!

Readings 75-81

100 Days 200 Days 300 Days
Luke-Acts Luke-Acts Luke-Acts
1419-1429 1419-1426 1419-1423
x 1426-1429 1423-1426
x x 1426-1429
1429-1441 1429-1437 1429-1433
x 1437-1441 1433-1437
x x 1437-1441
1441-1451 1441-1448 1441-1444
x 1448-1451 1444-1448
x x 1448-1451
1451-1466 1451-1461 1451-1456
x 1463-1466 1456-1461
x x 1463-1466
1466-1479 1466-1475 1466-1470
x 1475-1479 1470-1475
x x 1475-1479
1479-1493 1479-1489 1479-1484
x 1489-1493 1484-1489
x x 1489-1493
1493-1501 1493-1501 1493-1496
x x 1496-1501
Galatians Galatians Galatians
1551-1556 1551-1556 1551-1556

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