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Scripture is Authoritative

Scripture is the authoritative word of God. G. W. Bromiley writes:

“…the Bible assumes everywhere that it is a message directly given by God Himself. …in the OT as in the NT the claim to a more than human authority is everywhere implicit, and in many places it finds direct and open expression. It is claimed, e.g., that Moses received from God both the moral law and also more detailed commandments, even extending to arrangements for the Tabernacle. The prophets maintained that they were not speaking their own words, but the message which God Himself had given to them. The Lord Jesus Christ spoke with authority because He was conscious of speaking not merely as the historical Teacher but as the eternal Son. The apostles had no doubt as to the authoritativeness of their pronouncements, whether they were quoting our Lord or developing the Christian message under the guidance of the outpoured Spirit” 1.

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