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Scripture and Culture Change

Scripture is full of stories which demonstrate the power and presence of God. His Story is the primary conveyance he used to communicate with his children. First in an oral fashion, then in a written fashion. There are two levels of Scripture which we should take note: devotional and informed reading.

Devotional reading is when God breaks into our lives as we read his word and speaks to us directly. This message is for us, but that message is not the meaning of the text at hand that we are reading. That meaning is discovered by studying. We may share the devotional word as a personal word for us with others, but it is abusive to share it as the intended meaning of the author which the first hearer would have heard.

The second is informed reading in which we learn to fill our toolbox with appropriate tools to help us come to grips with the message of God in the Old and New Testament. Both are necessary for a healthy life of living into his Story. Learning to live into and within God’s Story as an actor/actress, playing out the part God has given us with improvisation and imagination can change the culture in which we live.


Here are some resources to help you with an informed reading.


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