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Dr. Winn Griffin Hi, my name is Winn Griffin and I am the curator of Reading the Bible Story,

My participation in the Christian ministry spans about 60 years in four different denominations, serving on the staff of three mega churches and functioning as a pastor in four churches. I have walked the graduation line four times in my life earning a BA, MA., and two Doctor of Ministry degrees.

I am the author of three books. God’s EPIC Adventure; googling God’s Will; and Gracelets. You can visit my author’s page on amazon.com for a complete list of my books and eBooks.

These days, I bring all my experience and study to my thinking and writing about Biblical Studies for the many Melvin and Melva’s who are setting in the pew Sunday after Sunday in a church building, home, or another setting, located at the corner of walk and don’t walk, and for those who have left the pew.

In addition, I love helping folks learn to read Scripture without the additives of chapters and verses so that as Jesus followers they can find their place in the story of God becoming conduits of his Gracelets as they are becoming truly human.

My wife, Donna Faith and I live in Washington state and have two adult children, Jason and Jeramie Joy.

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