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Living into God’s Story

Our practice of life must be found in God’s Story. However, not everything that we practice in life is spelled out on the printed pages of Scripture. We carry on many activities in the life of the church that are not explicitly found in the pages of Scripture. Every Sunday as we arrive at the church building, we may deposit our kids in Sunday School. This concept is modern. Sunday School is not found in Scripture. It has become a sacred tradition in the church and is often like the precepts that the Jews placed around the Law. Don’t reach out and touch the idea of Sunday School or you may bring back a nub. While it is fair to suggest that Sunday School is not found (along with pews, tables, chairs, buildings, youth departments with youth Pastors, bands, platforms, clocks, sound systems, recording equipment, closed circuit TV, the Net, smoke machines, Pastors, Associate Pastors, music directors and worship leaders, Sunday Schools, etc.), the concept of training and education is found in the text of Scripture. Scripture informs us by its own modeling to provide biblical instruction for the followers of Jesus. The message of Scripture is solid. The form in which we pursue that message is changeable.

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