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Readings 1-7 from The Books of the Bible (TBoTB)

Welcome to the beginning days of Reading the Bible Story. Here is the first installment of a Reading Schedule that you can use. However, you may choose to create your own rhythm in reading the text of the Bible.

At the bottom of this page, there is a Reading Guide for those who want to read at a different pace. The goal here is not how fast or how slow you read, but that you read. There is no behind or ahead, there is just your own personal reading rhythm. While Bible Study has its place, this is not a Bible Study; it is a Bible Reading Guide. So, read and enjoy!

Reading List

The following list provides the readings and page numbers from The Books of The Bible™. Read them by the day, or read them all at one setting in the evening or on the weekend. Read them 5 days on and 2 days off. Read them 3 days on and 4 days off. Whatever you create, Read them! Remember, set up readings that flow with your own rhythm of life. It doesn’t have to be difficult or hard to accomplish.

As you proceed, you will discover that the ordering of this reading list is a bit different from the ordering of the books in The Books of The Bible™. Their order is a good one. But, I have provided the order of the books both in the First and Second Testament that I follow in my book God’s EPIC Adventure.

Give it a go. You will notice that I have also offered a “Thought to Contemplate” for each book. Don’t just settle for what I have written. After you have read the text, make a comment or two about what you are seeing as your read. Sharing what you are reading with others brings a different level of reading into existence.


  • Reading 1: 5-22
  • Reading 2: 22-42
  • Reading 3: 42-60
  • Reading 4: 60-74

Thought To Contemplate
Knowing God the creator will make a definite difference in our lives. Created in his image, our destiny is to live out that image in the midst of life’s circumstances. Living in a fallen world, i.e., this present evil age, we become the light through which others find their genesis or beginning with God.


  • Reading 5: 81-97
  • Reading 6: 97-120
  • Reading 7: 120-131

Thought To Contemplate
The concepts used by God to operate with Israel have not changed. We still come to him because of what he did for us, not what we can do for him. God still cares about relating to his children today. He is still the Lord of history, your history. He still believes in righteous living. Echos of the Exodus are found in God’s supreme demonstration of his love for us that came in the person Jesus who delivers us from bondage to redemption, giving us a new vocation to share with others. The Lord-Servant Treaty in Exodus and the First Testament and the kingdom of God in the Second Testament are the same thing, named differently.

Reading Guide

You can read using the following guide and take your readings a bit slower:

  • To read at a 100 Day pace, read the page numbers in the 100 Day column.
  • To read at a 200 Day pace, read the page numbers in the 200 Day column.
  • To read at a 300 Day pace, read the page numbers in the 300 Day column.

You create the days of the week you want to read.

The days are color highlighted. As an example, if you are reading at the 100 Day level the first reading in Genesis would be pages 5-22 to read in one day. You read the same amount of text in the 200 Day reading, but you read it on two different days. The 300 Day reading offers pages to read in three days. Of course, the days you choose to read are up to you.

Look for white space separations on the ending pages in the charts for the end of the reading and the beginning of a new reading. The design of The Books of the Bible captures the style of the original authors in its presentation, offering you as a reader a presentation of the text that follows the natural flow of the text as a story rather than being seen as a reference book.

Reading Time

On average, the 100 Day column is about forty-five minutes to an hour of reading time. The 200 Day column is about thirty minutes for each reading section. The 300 Day column is about fifteen-twenty minutes for each reading section.

Remember, some folks read faster, and some folks read slower and the times above are built on an average of about 250-300 words a minute. Of course, this is real reading time, not reading and stop-to-think time, not meditating time, not reading and discussion time, and not reading and sharing in the comments section below time. It is just reading time!

Readings 1-7

100 Day 200 Day 300 Day
Genesis Genesis Genesis
5-22 5-17 5-11
x 17-22 11-17
x x 16-22
22-42 22-30 22-27
x 30-42 27-30
x x 30-42
42-60 42-53 42-46
x 53-60 46-53
x x 53-60
60-74 60-65 60-65
x 65-74 65-70
x x 70-74
Exodus Exodus Exodus
81-97 77-86 77-81
x 86-96 81-91
x x 91-96
97-120 97-104 97-104
x 104-120 104-111
x x 111-120
120-131 120-126 120-126
x 126-131 126-129
x x 129-131

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