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Readings 42-51 from The Books of the Bible (TBoTB)

Previously you read Kings. Some of the following books beginning with Joel find their historical place in the books of Kings.

In this session, we will read Proverbs, a collection of practical bits of Wisdom by Solomon and other authors. Song of Songs which may or may not be by Solomon, a poetic portrayal of the romantic relationship between a young man and a young woman. Ecclesiastes, Addresses the issue of the meaning of Life and also may or may not be by Solomon. Joel, a Southern Kingdom Prophet who prophesied against Judah. Jonah, a Northern Kingdom Prophet who prophesied to Nineveh. Amos, a Northern Kingdom Prophet who prophised against Israel. Isaiah and Micah, both Southern Kingdom Prophets who prophesied against Judah (God’s EPIC Adventure).


  • Reading 42: 1123-1147
  • Reading 43: 1147-1175

Thought To Contemplate
God has provided bits of his wisdom for everyday life so we can live a more satisfying life.

Song of Songs | Ecclesiastes

  • Reading 44: 1109-1119; 1179-1193

Thought To Contemplate. Song of Songs
Physical love between husband and wife is one of the fullest experiences that God has created man and woman to experience.

Thought To Contemplate. Ecclesiastes
From a strict human perspective, life is meaningliess. However, having a relationship with God makes life have full meaning.

Joel | Jonah | Amos

  • Reading: 45: 905-912; 483-484; 489-504

Thought To Contemplate. Jonah
The gift of the Holy Spirit has been given to all believers. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are available to all believers. Be prepared for God to urge you to be used with one of his gifts so that another can receive the help God wishes to deliver.

Thought To Contemplate. Amos
God often measures us against his plumb line. His view of us is always correct. However, he always forgives when we repent.


  • Reading 46: 547-566
  • Reading 47: 566-585
  • Reading 48: 585-607
  • Reading 49: 607-626
  • Reading 50: 626-645
  • Reading 51: 645-669


  • Reading 52: 529-541

Thought To Contemplate. Isaiah
The name Immanuel means God with us. It was a blessing to Ahaz to have a child born in his time to give him this assurance. The fulfillment of this in the birth of Jesus Christ gives us the same benefit. God is continually with us.

Thought To Contemplate. Micah
God judges and redeems his children.

Reading Guide

You can read using the following guide and take your readings a bit slower. To read at a 100 day pace, read the page numbers in the 100 Day column. To read at a 200 day pace, read the page numbers in the 200 Day column. To read at a 300 day pace, read the page numbers in the 300 Day column. You create the days of the week you want to read.

The days are color highlighted. As an example, if you are reading at the 100 Day level the first reading in Genesis would be pages 5-22 to read in one day. You read the same amount of text in the 200 Day reading, but your read it on two different days. The 300 Day reading offers pages to read in three days. Of course, the days you choose to read are up to you.

On average, the 100 day column is about forty-five minutes to an hour. The 200 Day column is about thirty minutes. The 300 day column is about fifteen-twenty minutes. Remember, some folks read faster and some folks read slower and the times above are built on an average of about 250-300 words a minute. Of course, this is pure reading time, not reading and stop-to-think time or meditating time, not reading and discussion time, and not reading and sharing in the Comments section below. It is just reading time!

Readings 42-51

100 Day 200 Day 300 Day
Proverbs Proverbs Proverbs
1123-1147 1123-1137 1123-1130
x 1137-1147 1130-1137
x x 1137-1147
1147-1175 1147-1168 1147-1159
x 1168-1175 1159-1168
x x 1168-1175
Song of Songs Song of Songs Song of Songs
1109-1193 1109-1185 1109-1119
Ecclesiastes Ecclesiastes Ecclesiastes
x 1185-1193 1179-1185
x x 1185-1193
905-504 905-485 905-912
x 489-504 483-485
x x 489-504
Isaiah Isaiah Isaiah
547-566 547-560 547-554
x 560-566 554-560
x x 560-566
566- 566-580 566-573
x 580-585 573-580
x x 580-585
585-607 585-600 585-592
x 600-607 592-600
x x 600-607
607-626 607-619 607-613
x 619-626 613-619
x x 619-626
626-645 626-638 626-633
x 638-645 633-638
x x 638-645
645-669 645-661 645-653
x 661-669 653-661
x x 661-669
Micah Micah Micah
529-541 529-535 529-535
x x 535-541

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